Saturday, 2 February 2013

Pitch Perfect

Hi all,

So basically today i am just going to big up the film Pitch Perfect which i saw a couple of nights ago. All in all it is my new favourite film. I would have to say its a mix of glee, the hangover, Bridesmaids and the breakfast club. Now i haven't actually seen the breakfast club but this movie references it a lot so that is now on my must watch list!

One big reason i like this film would have to be that it has Rebel Wilson in it! I am a big fan of hers and she really makes this movie! You will probably recognise her most from the film bridesmaids where she is the main actresses room mates sister with that way to close a bond!

Image from Bridesmaids movie

I did a bit of research on Rebel Wilson and found she has a lot of new movies coming out soon so i will be in the queue for those for sure. One that looks particularly good is Bacherlorette which im sure i will give you a review of once its out!

Now for those of you that are put off by films with singing in them i would say to give this one a chance. Yes there is singing and i would say with most musical films the singing is pretty much the reason they get a good review because without it people might actually notice the lack of storyline and character development, but Pitch Perfect i would say the singing is my least favourite part(not to say its still not good). The reason i liked it so much was because of the humour and projectile vomiting, and you know if there is projectile vomiting in a movie its going to be good.

So if your looking for something to watch on a quiet night in get this! and just so you know how much i liked it, i've been a bit under the weather the last few days and ended up watching this two nights in a row to make me feel better and im tempted to watch it again tonight! its that good.

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