Monday, 28 January 2013

Home Comforts

Hi guys,

So im home for the weekend and its got me thinking about all the home comforts that i miss at Uni. Now don't get me wrong i love uni, but there are a few things that you just cant replace. Now when ever im thinking about home and what i miss, the thing that always comes straight to my brain has to be......... The dog! Now that may seem a bit off, most people would probably say there family or friends but you just cant replace the love you have for your dog. Or i can't anyway.

Cuddles when i first wake up...excuse the face as i said i just woke up.

More cuddles when watching tv....How could i not miss this! 

The next thing i would say is home cooking! Dont get me wrong student cooking is good with the baked beans with every meal, so much pasta and asda price everything but it doesn't replace the food your lovely mum cooks for you!

Now of course family come in here, couldn't miss them out! The good thing about coming home for just a weekend is you aren't there long enough for the arguments to begin but it is long enough to feel like you've seen them for more than a second. I found myself looking through some old photo's while i was back, i find there is nothing quite like rummaging through old family photo's!

Sadly all the pictures i tried to take didn't come so well but ill give you this, yes that's me .

The final comfort would have to be your old room, even if mine is tiny and has a single bed and its now being used as a laundry and storage for all the crap in the house room its still your room and there is nothing quite like it!

So all in all a good weekend, nothing to stress worthy just chilling and relaxing! Now back to Uni life and alcohol! Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know any other home comforts i missed.


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