Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Jumpers! Jumpers! Jumpers!

Hi Guys,

Recently ive noticed that my wardrobe has started to become full of one particular item of clothing...Jumpers! Ive noticed that i have so many i spend about 10 minutes deciding which one to wear. But when i try and share this love with others, people just don't seem to have the same love i do. I suggest buying a number of my family members different jumpers and they have all come back saying 'i dont wear jumpers' or 'i dont suit them' which i think is rubbish! Jumpers suit everyone!

Now i get there are some interesting ones out there that may not be to everyone's taste...

Bur generally jumpers are a must in everyone's wardrobes! 
And its not even like they're expensive! Primark actually do some pretty decent ones for less than a tenner! And you can always lie and say they're from somewhere else! Because if you are an England dweller like me then we don't have the warmest weather around and a jumper will keep you warm and fashionable! 

So if you don't already have at least 5, i suggest you go out and get some more! And to anyone that has said they don't like jumpers beware i will convert you soon enough! 

Here are some of the occupiers of my wardrobe! 

Hope you enjoyed reading.


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