Friday, 1 March 2013

Never Have i Ever.

The perfect drinking game for finding out secrets, scandals and embarrassing details into peoples lives.

This has to be my most favourite drinking game ever! If you ever want to know some secrets about someone this is the game for you.

For all you hermits out there i will explain the rules.
1.First get as many shot glasses and alcoholic beverages as you can, mainly spirits and shotable drinks. If you haven't got any of these normal booze such as beer and cider work fine just drink them from your cup but of course you won't get as drunk which means you won't have as much fun.
2. Create a circle so you can see everyone and their drinks. To make this game run faster i suggest filling up all the shot glasses at the beginning to avoid the tedious task of refilling which as the game progresses becomes more and more difficult.
3. The order of this game generally is you go around the circle but as the game goes on and your sentences slur more people will just call out.
4. The original rules were on your turn you say 'never have i ever...' then you state something that you've never done that others in the circle may have done. If anyone in the circle has done it they must drink. However the modern take to the rules is that you say 'i've never'  because when your drunk that's a lot easier to say and you can have done your i've never. You just have to be prepared to drink alongside everyone else.

Now this game is predominately about sex, sexual acts and sexual misgivings. So be prepared to reveal all when playing. Had any embarressing sex dreams recently? or perhaps your twosome has become a threesome on occasion well playing this games those secrets wont stay secrets for long.

An extra tip for this game is when playing with your close friends whose secrets you already know, its always fun to embarrass them but be warned if you know their secrets chances are they know yours!

So when you're drinking responsibly this is your game!

Hope you enjoyed reading.


P.S. Also i take no responsibility for the events that occur during this game.... including

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