Monday, 4 March 2013

What coloured glasses are you wearing?

Have you ever looked at someone and not been able to see anything wrong with them? That everything they do seems to just oozes cool? But you can never quite reach their standards. They make everyone laugh with a one liner but you have trouble making anyone laugh with any of yours. They always seem to look good in every situation whereas your walking down the road sporting the it rained, snowed, you got it by lightning and spilt food down yourself look.

These gods on earth can be anyone, most people seem to think they have to be that crush, the one that you never think you will get because they're just too perfect and your just not. But i don't think that's true... yes a lot of the time the person you're dreaming about on those cold winter nights tends to match this category but there are others/ Ones you don't really think about.

For example ive seen it quite a bit, there is always that friend that you were slightly jealous of for whatever reason better hair that you, more muscular, always getting with better looking people than you. There is always one friend that people seem to think of as better than them, and these are the friends you look at in green coloured glasses. I mean we think love blinds us but envy sure does it too!

Another one would have to be loyalty, and i have no idea what coloured glasses those would be so im going to move on from that analogy now. Don't get me wrong i think when someone is truly loyal its amazing! If someone sticks by someone through thick and thin you have got a real good friend there! But sometimes i think people are so loyal that they loose sight of everything else. I think it blinds people from seeing that there is a reason they're are the last one standing by them. That their blind loyalty is stopping them from seeing what's actually going on! Now im not saying ditch your friends but just be aware that just because you may have been friends for years or are really close doesn't mean that those person cant do something wrong and sometimes staying by them through everything might actually be stopping that person from seeing their mistakes.

So i suggest to the world to take off your glasses (okay im back on the analogy) and just look at everyone as they are, don't look at people through their past actions look at what they are doing now, don't stare at that crush all day long thinking how you never have a chance, look for their flaws so that they seem more attainable, chances are they are just human and just looking for someone to treat them that way, and don't be jel of that friend that seems to have everything you want, use that as motivation to get what you want, instead of dreaming about it.

So you may not believe me on any of this, which is fine, but tell me you weren't thinking about a particular person when reading each of these?

Hope you enjoyed reading


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