Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sex with the Ex

Ive recently watched the film 'Its complicated' starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. The film discusses an ex-couple divorced for 10 years that find themselves hooking up again in secret and reliving some of the good times.

Personally i wasn't a huge fan but it had some funny moments and i would still say its a good movie to watch.
But the main point of mentioning it is because it got me thinking about the main topic. Is it a good idea to hook up with your ex?

Now there are some clear benefits to it. For instance its familiar, they know what you like so the sex is going to be good. It most probably seems secretive and naughty making it more exciting. Now these are all good points and i wouldn't say i haven't thought about doing it. But there is a i said in my last post sex is hardly ever just sex when it comes to us, and when its sex with the ex its even more likely to bring up feelings as their has already been some in the past. 

Now im not saying don't try it, hell try it a lot but be warned it may bring up some old feelings that could cause complications, and be prepared that one of you may be thinking that there could be a relationship revamp. But if you both have the same idea and are just looking for a bit familiar fun then i say go for it! You only live once and if you're looking for a good lay then its unlikely you will find a better one off someone new.

But these are my thoughts on the matter, tell me yours if you have any. 


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