Monday, 7 January 2013

So this is blogging, personally i thought it might be slightly more glitz and glam but maybe that's just me.

I am sure many people have better reasons to write a blog for instance fame, fortune, chance to get your word out there. Personally i am writing it for me and no one else, now yes i may get slight butterflies in the stomach when i notice i have got that one extra profile view than i had when i last checked 5 minutes ago but apart from that i plan on writing for the fun of it.

So ill start with a little introduction, i wasn't going to give my name but as it tells you at the bottom anyway i suppose ill give it. My name is Jason Hyde and I am a student studying psychology with no idea what i want in the future. Kids, money, a job are the usual responses and they all sound nice, normal, if not a little overdone, and maybe one day ill have all those things and be happy but for the moment i'm going to stick to a clear and concise ?. 

My hobbies include the usual student generics drinking, socialising, occasional drugs when in the mood. Just your normal student behaviour. I know it sounds like what everyone says about themselves trying to make themselves look cool and interesting so ill give you a few uncool facts about me. I love reading a good book, i find it weirdly relaxing and i've just finished a series called the power of five by Anthony Horowitz which i would recommend. I played clarinet in school although wasn't very good at it which is why i stopped. Although if anyone asks me ill say it was because i had better things to do so keep it to yourself. Oh and i've decided to write a blog just for the cool factor. Now to give you some sort of interesting information to really draw you in and keep you reading for the last bit. This is the part i found most difficult to write if i'm honest.... (Many moments later after deep thinking for facts on a me and a quick facebook check) the best i can come up with is that i am quite vain, i wont leave the house unless i look good, i judge people wearing anything that doesn't look good and i think anyone that is ugly is probably just not trying hard enough and if they have then plastic surgery is always an option. Now don't judge me yet if you are an unattractive person reading this because i'm sure your personality is lovely because if its not well... then this is just awkward. 

So after a good ramble and a half ill quickly summarise my plans for this blog. Most likely just a quick ramble about any pet peeves i have had in my day to day life that i feel like sharing to all you lovely readers out there. Possibly some harsh comments about people, their problems and why no one cares and the occasional heart felt post on something i think is worth mentioning. So as i have my first official lecture of 2013 tomorrow ill get to bed. Hopefully some of you have enjoyed reading.


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