Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Checklist

Hi all,

So i was talking with one of my friends recently about not being able to find that special someone, not because of lack of offers or unfortunate faces but because they don't match a particular criteria set by us of what is needed in the perfect partner. We feel that if people don't meet up to this then the option of being in a relationship is off the cards. Now this may seem extreme or strange and perhaps it is but then again when looking at me and my friend that doesn't surprise me. So i shall enlighten you all with some of the key criteria for the perfect partner.

1. Must be attractive.
Now don't judge me that this is number one or that its superficial! Because in a relationship if you aren't attracted to them then you may as well be friends! Now don't get confused however and assume that you can only date models (although if you can get yourself a model extra points to you) but someone you are attracted to, and there are many characteristics that make someone attractive other than their looks.

2. Must make you laugh.
This one i feel is a no brainer, because you wouldn't want to be with someone who is dull and boring and if they can make you laugh and i mean proper laugh then they aren't one of those people.

3. Must be good for you.
My friend made the point that there are the people she wants to be with and the people she should be with. Now the bad boy or the mental girl may be fun and exciting but the likely hood of it lasting is less than likely. You need someone that brings out the best in you and keeps you going through the good times and bad.

4. Must have the approval of your friends.
These phrases should pretty much some it up, bro's before ho's and chicks before dicks. Don't get with the people your friends don't approve of. Chances are they are seeing something that you are missing due to those rosy coloured glasses and they are your friends, so they have your best interests at heart. Also you will always be choosing between them and one day one of them will win out overall.

Now there are more but that could be a long list and i wont bore you, but these are some of the most important ones. However one important rule i feel you should always abide by when picking a partner is.

5.Must not settle.
Don't go for the first person that comes along, even though you may be having a lonely day or month or year, don't settle! Wait for the person that matches your checklist, the one that makes you forget you even have a checklist! It may take longer but when you meet them you will be glad you waited!

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