Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fuck Buddies to Relationship?

Evening all,

Now due to a particular relationship in my life recently i've found myself thinking about this topic more and more so thought i would share my thoughts. I'm sure a few of you have come across this same conundrum before and if not you most probably will come across it in the future.

Now encase you don't know, the term fuck buddy generally means two people that are fucking but that is all, they are there to relieve sexual urges with no strings attached. There are other terms for it known as friends with benefits and cuddle buddies (if you are that sort of person) but the rules generally mean that same. If you want a better definition there are two recent films come out that are exactly the same and explain it all.

I personally prefer friends with benefits if you're going to get one of them. 

 Now the general rules for these types of relationships is not to get attached, no feelings involved... but like these films will demonstrate sometimes a lot of the time that's not always the case. People tend to have a difficulty separating sex from emotions, and i would like to say i'm not one of those people but sadly i may have fallen in to this predicament. Now don't get me wrong i've done the fuck buddy thing in the past and it has been fine but this new one has got me questioning it.

Now something else us humans tend to do is over think things. When everything is going well we can't help but worry that everything isn't going as well as we think it is, and it's the same here! You do the job that fuck buddies are there for and then the thinking starts, its the age old question... do you cuddle? you start thinking did our eyes lock for slightly too long during? Maybe someone screamed the i love you line when going over the finish line(sadly this is a speaking from experience one).

Now in my experience over thinking always leads to terrible things! So try to avoid it at all costs. But i guess the reason im writing this post is to answer the question would fuck buddies work in a relationship. Now this is different for everyone but if both people are willing then i would say it is something to explore for sure. First of all you both know you're good in bed otherwise why would you keep fucking each other? Also you both clearly find each other attractive and can stand to be around each other for more than five minutes which is always a good sign so why not give it a go? And if you feel feelings are getting involved and that's not something you want then the best option would be to end it before it gets messy and someone gets hurt!

Now the question for me is do i take my own advice and which option do i choose?

Ill keep you posted.


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