Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Iphone Generation

Hi all,

Have you seen that new breed of humans around? They walk around always looking down unable to lift there heads, if you try and talk to them the most they can answer with is a grunt or moan, they rarely blink and they have a mutated hand with an extra ligament to it.

The official term used for these creatures is.... IPHONE USERS!

So i have recently purchased myself an iphone 5, Have to say it was quite an impulse buy, i went into the shop just to have a look at phones and an hour later walked with an iphone, new contract and some cash which was nice. A lot of my friends already had iphones and i had wanted one for a while so i could join in with playing on all the new apps and such.

But since my friends have got iphones i have noticed how much they are on them. There have been actual moments when i have been talking to my friend and said "so i was talking to this guy and he wasn't listening so i smashed him over the head and killed him " of course my friends reaction to this statement was "mmm cool".
 Classic iphone users talk!

Now i will admit since i have got my new phone i have been on it a lot but i am chucking that down to the fact that its a new phone and all new and exciting! Not because im becoming one of them! But then again i guess the reason you get smart phones is so you can use all the apps and twitter on the go right? and i understand why people are on them a lot but i think there should be some moderation otherwise you won't be far off from those attractive people in the picture above.

So even though my aim is to not become on of those iphone addicts im still going to share a few pictures of my phone because its new and exciting for me, so i want to show it off.

Now if you'll excuse me i have to instagram a picture, tweet and retweet it and then send it to my facebook. 

I swear i won't become one...promise. 

Hope you enjoyed reading.


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