Monday, 5 August 2013


Hi all,

Now i am going to go on the assumption that you know what youtube is, just encase you don't click the  word youtube and it will take you to it. The site consists of billions of videos that anyone can upload including yourself ranging from trailers, music videos to hair routines and lifestyle videos's. The site will also recommend to you on the homepage videos you may like after noting down other video's you have watched previously. There is a handy subscription option aswell so you can get notified when your favourite tubers upload new videos and creating an account is free so i would recommend it if you haven't already.   For those of you who know about youtube i am sure you have a few tubers that you have subscribed to already and i am going to talk you through a few more that you may like.

The first is probably the most well known.. Her name is Jenna Marbles. Click her name to go to her channel. She is hilarious and probably most well known for her 'how to avoid talking to people you dont want to talk to' video. Also known as the face video. It looks something like this.

She posts videos every Wednesday, and if you watch one you will most definitely have the urge to watch them all. Her post are just general things that come up in daily life that i'm sure you all will be able to relate too, with a touch of humour to bring in entertainment value. She is probably the most famous youtuber i watch with over 9 million subscribers, so clearly she is doing something right!

My second favourite is Davey Wavey. Once again click the name for his channel. This is a american guy who im pretty sure only posts video's about being gay, but they're pretty hilarious so check him out. One of my favourites is what What gay men think about vagina's. He also has a fitness page giving you tips and hints on how to get a better body which can be found through his main channel.

This particular youtuber also has a third channel called Davey Wavey Raw which is a more over 18's area delving into more over 18 types of discussions. Don't be put off if you'are not gay his videos are for everyone and will amuse i promise. This tuber over his three channels has over a million subscribers.

Another subscription must is GloZell made most famous by her cinnamon challenge video where instead of using a spoon full of cinnamon she used a ladle.  Lets just say it didn't end well, but made her youtube famous with over 31 million views on that video alone and frequent showings on rude tube. She does a number of other food challenges on her channel along with other wacky, wonderful and random posts to keep you entertained.

GloZell has gained just under 2 million subscribers and is a youtuber not to be missed, my view on her is her personality makes the channel more than the challenges she does. 

My final youtuber that will hopefully give you some entertainment would be Hannah Hart known for her controversial and delicious cooking attempts when drunk. So if you're ever looking to cook something that can only be described as interesting, check out her channel! 

Hanah Hart also links with many other youtubers on her channel and is a great way to find similar tubers that you may enjoy. Hart has had 700,000 subscribers and is one to watch. 

So there you have my top 4 youtubers, if these types of tubers don't take your fancy then keep looking through the website and find some of your own. Youtube has something for everyone. 

Hope you enjoyed reading.


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